Leardi s.r.l gained significant technical experience to obtain public permissions for the construction of civil infrastructures such as roads, methane pipelines, oil pipelines, etc. and complex industrial plants.

The entire permission process is being developed by a technical department inside the company staff that prepares and submits all the technical documentation necessary for the issue of Public Permits.

The design studies are carried out in order to:

• draft Environmental Impact Studies
• develop Environmental Screenings
• develop Landscape Reports according to Legislative Decree No. 42/04
• draft Impact Assessment Studies
• prepare the necessary documentation for the Hydrogeological Constraint
• develop Hydraulic and Geotechnical Studies for the arrangement of river areas or
  geologically unstable areas
• prepare the documentation to obtain the Building Permit
• draft and process documentation for the issuance of opinions:

  • ASL - Sanitary-Hygienic aspects
  • ARPA for emissions into the atmosphere
  • Province/Region to build works in the river bed
  • Fire Department for activities subject to the issue of the fire prevention certificate (C.P.I.)/Certified Notification of Starting Activity (S.C.I.A.)
If required by the customer, complex procedures such as Service Conferences organized by  Provincial, Regional or Ministerial institutions are handled.


Construction site service
Property Management
Network design
Civil and industrial engineering
Technical-legal activities
Public permissions
Construction phase
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