Leardi s.r.l develops both basic and executive integrated design activities related to underground and above-ground pipelines, piping and complex energy transport systems.

The technical activities cover both preliminary aspects, such as the execution of Feasibility Studies and Basic Design, and more detailed design phases from the optimization of the layout to the preparation of all the construction drawings.

In the field of the natural gas pipeline design we gained experience in the following areas:
• Civil and mechanical design of large diameter pipelines (up to 56")
• Civil and mechanical design of works with trenchless methods such as micro-
  tunnels, T.O.C., raise boring, etc..
• Civil and mechanical design of P.I.L., PIDS, P.I.D.I. interception systems
• Civil and mechanical design of systems of measurement and pressure reduction
  (IPRS, HPRS, RE.MI, etc.)
• Electro-instrumental design of interception and reduction systems
• Design of special works for systems
• Design of both morphological and vegetation restoration works

Each design phase is followed by highly qualified staff that takes care of the preparation of the technical documentation consisting in drawings, reports and administrative documents.


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